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Meet Christina

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

     Hi, I’m Christina Lawless, wife, mom, FDN-P and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.  My passion for health and wellness stems all the way back to my teen years.  I was the only one I knew that would head up to the health food store on a random afternoon to peruse the aisles for a healthy snack and look through the cookbooks and supplies offered there.  I found learning about the foods and supplements that were not available in the regular grocery store fascinating.  Even the curious smell of the health food store was appealing to me.  The desire to be on the preventative side of healthcare and not on the side of treating distress and disease was birthed in me during those early years.  


     Even with my love and knowledge of health, though, I was not able to escape the aggravating dips in energy, digestive discomfort, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances that came for me.  Methods I used to address these issues did not have lasting effects, and I often felt like my body was broken.  Following health trends and doing wellness research for myself did not help me eradicate the issues either, so I reluctantly chalked my symptoms up to being a normal part of life and getting older.  Oh how thankful I am that my health journey did not end with that conclusion.

Through my functional model training, I finally learned what was at the root of all my issues.  I removed what was causing internal chaos and implemented natural protocols and corrective behavior that brought my body back into balance.  Our bodies are perfectly and wonderfully made and have the ability to be firing on all cylinders regularly.  Do you desire to find that body balance too?


     As an FDN-P and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I am not in the business of diagnosing disease; rather, I want to help you coach up your body’s vital reserve so that you can have protection against disease. I want to help you identify dysfunction and diffuse the irritation and inflammation in your body before pathology sets in. My clients range from those wanting to be proactive (and stay ahead of the aging game) to the client that has “tried everything” yet traditional medicine has not been able to provoke lasting healing. As a coach style practitioner I use the data from functional lab testing to identify any dysfunction in your body and to guide me in designing personalized protocols for you. In addition to the protocols comes the support and accountability you need to make the lifestyle changes necessary for lasting healing. I want you to feel well enough to be fully engaged with the life right in front of you!


     If you are tired of not feeling like yourself and suspect that something just is not right with your body but can’t seem to find the right doctor or practitioner who meets all your needs, then I am here to help! I would love to chat and see how I can support and empower you on your journey to vibrant wellness.

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