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  • Can you help me?
    Yes! I address the areas of hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production, and the nervous system. The body interconnected with each system relying on the other. Unlike the approach that traditional medicine takes where symptoms are treated in a specific manner, I help clients heal themselves using a non-specific approach that focuses on the whole body. As a functional practitioner, I am trained to address any condition in the body by taking a root-cause approach. I focus on bringing all the systems back in balance. By identifying hidden stressors through the lab tesing and removing them through corrective behavior and lifestyle changes along with focused supplementation, your body will begin to course correct and lasting healing will be possible.
  • Do I need to live locally?
    No you do not. I run a virtual practice, so you can be a mile away or across the world. Consulting sessions are held via video conferencing or phone calls. Lab testing can be completed from the convenience of your home or in the case of a blood draw, at a nearby facility.
  • Can my doctor order the labs?
    Usually the answer is no. Most doctors are not familiar with functional lab testing, as conventional testing is trying to answer "what" is wrong and form a diagnosis. Functional testing, however, is looking for "why" and trying to unwind the dysfunction. Also, I assess results based off of functional lab ranges which are much narrower than traditional ranges.
  • What results can I expect?
    Your results will be directly correlated to how much effort you put into the program, which is why it is so important that you connect to your motivating factor for wanting to partner with me in your health journey. Since everyone comes into the program at a different level of health and because we are all complex and amazingly different human beings, I cannot *guarantee* results. However, the body is very intelligent and very strong, and sometimes just needs gentle direction to help it get back on track; so if you are willing to remove the hidden stressors and add in natural protocols that will produce lasting results, you will experience in-depth positive change! By the end of our time working together, you will have all the knowledge and resources necessary to become your personal life-long health detective and will be well on your way to feeling better-for good!
  • How much do your services cost?
    I offer a range of services to fit your needs, goals and finances! This is why I always do a complimentary 45-minute to one hour functional health assessment with you to determine which path would best fit your goals and needs. This involves taking an in-depth health history, hearing about your desires and goals, giving an overall first impression of what I think is going on with your health, and then discussing how I work so that we can see if we are a right fit to partner together.
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